SharedMind -from the beginning an internal personal tool for personal use to the open design framework of a digital society.

We have proven ourselves on the market as project developers and realization partners for our clients for over thirty years. Primarily for industry and insurance. The usage of future-proofed solutions has increased performance. As a result we have always faced the challenge of comprehensively collecting new tasks and realizing them effectively using the best available methods and IT technology.

The initiative for SharedMind emerged in 2011 from a network of researchers, scientists, and practitioners to better manage innovative projects. SharedMind developed in 2014 from both national and international research work and from practical applications and has since  been used in project work.

In 2017, the concept was redesigned because the practical applications have shown that increased methodological support is required from the market to enable the concept to be more widely used. Furthermore, a stronger technological opening was sought, as more and more providers generate executable special application as part of the digitization offensive and the standardization offers new integration options for a wide range of tools.
A single provider is no longer able to adequately support the various requirements. This requires openness and interoperability.

That is why we have focused on designing innovative digital society projects and now offer the Semantic Information Management Pipe (SIM Pipe), the integration of extensive options for operational implementation with standard applications.