SharedMind promotes a broad working environment of systemic access to new potentiality.

The comprehensive tasks of digital development are methodically processed by the SharedMind solution framework:

  • to enable a comprehensive and deep understanding of difficult work situations and therefore, create clarity about demanding tasks and / or situations
  • to achieve the substantial increase of solution quality
  • to ready a high quality communications platform for everyone involved
  • to make possible the immediate digital resolution of the problem

The following fields are supported by SharedMind solutions:

Capturing – Getting Out of the Gate
We primarily use Structure-Laying Techniques to document the initial situation and facts of the situation in need. There are however other moderation techniques like Design-Thinking, Story-Telling, Business-Model-Canvas, and other such moderation techniques that can be used in order to guarantee the further structured collection by semantic networks.

Modeling- Semantic Schematic Structuring
In order to guarantee a clearer communication and achieve conclusive thought models we use semantic CMAP diagrams. This tool for Concept-Mapping is based upon the research work of Joseph D. Novak and is provided and maintained by IHMC, a non-profit research institute of the State University System of Florida. By the end of 2019 there were already several million global users.

Surveying-Consideration of the Requirements and Possibilities
The Concept Model allows for conclusive schematic representations that can be interpreted and understood more easily and quickly by humans than linear textual descriptions by detailing/itemization and summarizing of information structures. Thereby, allowing a more complex way of thinking to be easier accessible for people to consider different aspects and possibilities of any topic and process them more thoughtfully.

Improving-Maturation and Development of the Problem Resolution
Through both visual thinking and the use of analysis and simulation can solutions be verified or falsified. This allows for a so-called “Prototyping with feedback” at an early development stage and thus allows for substantial increases in quality. The open and integrative approach of SharedMind also comes into play in this field. The SIM-Pipe organizes all the structured information of the different applications and insures there interoperability.

Creating – Forming the Solution Path
The method of SharedMind ensures the coherent design of action systems by seamlessly deriving the target definition from the measure specification to define the communication level of an action system.

Realizing – Developing the Solution
The already prepared communication level serves as the basis for setting up digital services and processes based upon BPMN 2. All relevant information is transferred from the SIM-Pipe to a process management system and executable applications are made available from this process.

The current Enriched-Data-Model stands for the available development of further services. The semantics of the data model establish the essential basis for further Big-Data and AI-Applications.