Here you will find a collection of frequently asked questions and answers on various topics about SharedMind.

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Installation (1)

You can install the SIMP Assistant in any folder on any drive. To do this, select the appropriate drive (C:\ or D:\ etc.) during the installation process and create a new folder.

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Models (1)

The questions and answers in this section are not intended to replace the tutorials and fieldbook. Proceed as recommended here to gain initial modeling experience.
We will answer further questions from users for their work in the FAQs.

Read our fieldbook up to the SharedMind modeling methodology then install the Cmap tools from https://cmap.ihmc.us and work through the tutorials until you know how to use the software.
Then deepen the SharedMind modeling methodology from the fieldbook and build your first models. Start with simpler subtasks to gain experience and only then start with comprehensive tasks.

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