Fit for the Future?

Dr. Ing. Peter Becker Managing Director of the internationally renowned Steinbach und Partner Consulting and member of the Steinbeis Consulting Group clearly summarizes the requirements for future peak forces in companies:

Recognizing and reflecting on interrelationships and identifying their patterns in order to better cope with increasing complexity is becoming increasingly important as “orientation knowledge” for the sustainability of organizations.

For the successful implementation of new tasks, internal partners are required who, as impulse givers, create framework conditions to make the resources inherent in the organization accessible.

This described challenge is called knowledge work and requires special skills and competences to be mastered effectively. Particularly with regard to digitization, this information must be communicated in a clearly structured and understandable way and be immediately available for digitally supported action.

There is a multitude of new approaches, methods and reference models for the conception, but for the implementation, the concrete action, we mostly fall back on established procedures. Are we thus able to ensure the future viability of our organizations?

To survey and reflect knowledge graphically and to gain insights from it has been applied since 1972 and has been used on personal computers with Internet links since 2004. Today there are millions of users of this technology – from schools and universities to industry and research.

The result of this working method can be transformed into Knowledge Graphs, which can be further used in modern information systems. This meets the requirement to use knowledge seamlessly in IT systems.

In this FORUM we want to exchange experiences with “Visual Thinking” methods and create impulses to use this technology more intensively for the solution of complex tasks. In this way, we want to promote an environment in which the challenges of our time can be solved in a better and more widely accessible way.

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